10 Highlights from the HINTS Homeschool Book Fair

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HINTS Homeschool Book Fair

Photo Credit – HINTS

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the HINTS Homeschool Book Fair in Matthews, NC. This is a mid-sized conference and book fair. I think it’s especially great for newbie homeschoolers, but there’s enough advanced info for veteran homeschoolers too. And it’s a great price too – only $5 for a parent and your spouse attends free. You do also need to pay $1 per child over 2 years old if you bring them along. That’s two days of resources and support for such a low cost. If you’re anywhere near Charlotte, NC, I strongly recommend that you look into attending next July.

{By the way, I was not asked to blog or tweet the event. I paid my own way. I attended the HINTS Homeschool Book Fair two years ago and it was my first ever homeschooling conference. I just love that we have a local resource like this and want to share it with you!}

10 Highlights from the
HINTS Homeschool Book Fair

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