2012-2013 School Pictures

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Another school year is here! That means is time to document the growth of my little monkeys! My boys are growing up so quickly.

I started a tradition last year with our school pictures. I have the kids hold a small whiteboard on which they write their name. It’s a fun way to watch their handwriting change over the years.

2012-2013 School Pictures

Here’s my big 1st Grader’s school picture:


Jonathan is always ready to have his picture taken. My little ham! He’s quick to tell you that he’s in 1st grade but he’s doing some 2nd grade work too. By the way, I wrote the top two lines and Jonathan wrote his name.

Here’s my toddler’s school picture:


Jacob really wasn’t thrilled about having his picture taken, but he loved writing his name for me.

And just for fun, here’s the yet to be named little Baby #3’s school picture:





  1. Love those boys and can’t wait to meet that new baby! Miss ya…need to drive up and meet you for lunch again soon

  2. Heather Bowen says:

    Beautiful!! Love the white board idea!! Congrats on Baby #3 :)

  3. Oh I totally love this! I might have to “borrow” this idea for our actual first day of school picture! Congratulations on baby #3!

  4. Sarah Sanchez says:

    What a great idea to document their handwriting! Cute kids! How fun is that to include baby #3 :)

  5. Sarah @ My Joy-Filled Life says:

    Amanda! I didn’t know you were pregnant! Congrats! When are you due?

  6. Wonderful! Hope you are feeling well today!

  7. Michelle "Eyecorn" says:

    LOVE IT!! Jonathan, you’re a top student and a vacuumer–woohoo! You must attend a top notch school. Jacob, I do believe that one day you are going to print as well as Jonathan–and that shirt, well, it’s priceless. Love how you included your new blessing.

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