7 Tools Book Club: Academics

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7 Tools Book Club

Chapter 7: Academics

“‘Homeschoolers are reinventing both American teaching and American learning,’ he says, ‘and the children excel. By grade eight, these children are, on average, almost four years ahead of their public and private school counterparts.'” pg. 152

“Homeschooling redeems a lot of time that would be lost in your child’s day if he were in school. The efficiency of homeschooling is a great benefit for your children. They can finish their schoolwork more quickly, they are not saddle with hours of homework, and therefore they have the time to devote to service at church or in the community and to pursue particular interests and passions in life without disappearing from the landscape of family life.” pg 158

Everything that we’ve talked about thus far in our study has built a solid foundation to make it possible to step into stimulating academics. Academics is not our first priority, but it comes naturally when you know your kids.

Homeschooling gives your kids the opportunity to discover their strengths and interests far earlier than the average student. This is one of my favorite things about homeschooling. I want my boys to find their God given gifts and have the time to pursue those things.

How are you providing stimulating academics your kids and helping them find their stengths? Jump into the discussion in the comments and/or link up a post of your own on chapter 7.



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