7 Tools Book Club: Never Say No to God

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7 Tools Book Club

We’re jumping into the discussion of 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential by Zan Tyler. The 7 Tools Book Club is always open for anyone who wants to join! Start here with all the details of the 7 Tools Book Club and then catch up on any of these posts you might have missed:

Introduction and Appendix:
Never Say No to God

Have you ever said no to God? I’m sorry to say that I have. I’ve said an emphatic no more than once, I’m sad to say. I said no to moving back to California after college. I said no and laughed at my husband when he suggested homeschooling while we were dating. I said no, over and over again.

And then, if I did say yes to God, I’d put conditions on it. “Ok, God. I’ll do this, but don’t make me go this far or do that.” Who am I to think I can negotiate with God? Pretty silly, huh?

Zan starts the introduction by telling about the things that she refused to do: teach or have kids. And you guessed it, she ended up doing both. Beyond that, she ended up fighting for the rights of kids and homeschoolers in the state of South Carolina. Her story is truly inspiring.

It’s a noble calling that God has given to me and to you. Wives. Mothers. Homeschoolers. I hope that Zan’s story has inspired you and gives weight to what you’ll read over the next few weeks.

Have you ever said no to God? Tell us about it.

Are you involved in matters of legislation and homeschool freedom in your state? Share with us!

Has Zan’s story inspired you to get involved? I recommend starting with looking at ParentalRight.org. There are currently UN conventions being considering in Congress that are threatening our rights are parents and ultimately our freedom to homeschool. This organization is working to get a constitutional amendment passed to protect parental rights.

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  1. MissionalMama says:

    Thanks for hosting this club. I really enjoyed the reading this week. I took my post (#6 above) in a little different way and wrote about what stuck out to me in Titus 2: 4, but I was inspired by her story and look forward to what she has to share in the weeks to come.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the parentalrights.org !!! I’m a fan 😉


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