7 Tools Book Club: Worldview

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7 Tools Book Club

We’re jumping into the discussion of 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential by Zan Tyler. The 7 Tools Book Club is always open for anyone who wants to join! Start here with all the details of the 7 Tools Book Club and then catch up on any of these posts you might have missed:

Chapter 5: Worldview

“Worldview gives both focus and direction to our children’s lives.” pg. 104

Zan talks about three obstacles in this chapter that keep us from developing a Biblical worldview:

  1. The separation of sacred and secular
  2. The separation of church and society
  3. The separation of Christianity and the mind

These things need not be separated! We need to show our kids how to integrate their faith into all areas of their lives.

Apologia has an amazing resources that Zan references in this chapter: The What We Believe Series. We’ve been slowly working our way through Who is God? which is the first volume. There’s an illustration near the beginning of this book that likens worldview to glasses – if your glasses are not clear and in focus, your view of the world will be skewed. We need to teach our kids how to find and use the proper glasses at an early age!

How are you helping your kids integrate their faith into their lives? Jump into the discussion in the comments and/or link up a post of your own on chapter 5.


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