A Lesson Learned from Chopsticks

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We went out for lunch yesterday. I knew the boys (nor I) would last through grocery shopping without food. We stopped at Pei Wei, which if you don’t have one in your area is like P.F. Chang’s (similar food, same parent company) but with more of a fast food, serve yourself style. Jonathan and Jacob split a kid’s honey chicken meal. Just chicken and rice. Can’t go wrong with that!

I scooped food from Jonathan’s bowl onto a plate for Jacob. Josh started to give Jacob a fork, but Jacob wouldn’t have anything to do with that fork. He wanted chopstick from the container in the middle of the table. He wanted to be like Bubba (his name for Jonathan). Josh hesitated and so did I. But, then I suggested that we let him try and see what happens.

Jacob Trying Chopsticks

Jacob was quiet. He was patient. He persevered. He was determined to make those chopsticks work to get his food to his mouth.

Jacob Masters Chopsticks

Jacob succeeded. He managed to get that chicken to his mouth, over and over again. He did it! He was so proud of himself. Jonathan cheered every time Jacob got a bit to his mouth. Mommy and Daddy cheered. Jacob smiled.

A lesson learned from chopsticks: Don’t underestimate your children, even your little ones. Let them try new things even if they don’t do it “the right way.”

How have you underestimated your kids? How have you given them the opportunity to try new things? Leave a comment!


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