A Remedy for Canker Sores: Thieves Oil

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I have been wanting to share with you all the wonderful uses for Frankincense Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and I was planning to do that today. But, a surprising use for Thieves Oil was discovered in our home this week that I’m sharing instead.

Josh came to me Sunday night with a canker sore and asked if I had anything to help it. He doesn’t get them very often and usually there are some trigger foods, seasonal allergies, and stress that contribute to their development. I set to researching and found that there are several oils that could help with canker sores, but Thieves Oil seemed to be the best option.


How to Use Thieves on Canker Sores

1. Put a drop of Thieves Oil on your clean finger and rub the oil over the canker sores inside your mouth.

  • If the essential oil is too strong for you, it can be diluted in a a carrier oil.
  • Coconut Oil would be a perfect choice as a carrier oil because of it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Warm a tiny bit in your hand and then mix in a drop of Thieves Oil. Apply as described above.

2. Reapply 2-3 times a day until the canker sores are gone.

Josh decided to apply the Thieves Oil “neat”, without a carrier oil, for the first try and then dilute it the next time if needed. He said that it did sting a little right at first and then the oil numbed his canker sore within minutes. Days later he came to me asking what night he told me he had the canker sore because he had forgotten to reapply the oil regularly and now it was gone.

Sometime within 48 hours, the canker sore had disappeared. One application of Thieves Oil. No more thought of it. The canker sore was gone. If you ever get canker sores, you know that they seem to take forever to go away and can be quite painful as well as annoying. We’ve used Thieves Oil a lot this winter, especially for the boys to boost their immune system and attempt to keep them from getting sick. But, I have to say, I was quite impressed with this use of Thieves Oil for canker sores.

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Disclosure: I do need to tell you that I’m not a doctor and this is not intended to be medical advice. My family only uses therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living Oil. These are our experiences are based on Young Living Oils and I do not recommend ingesting any other brand of oils.

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  1. Soulja Girl says:

    My sister introduced me to Young Living Essential Oils and I love them. How did I ever do without them. But to your point, thieves is a must have in the house. I recently developed a canker sore under my tongue and was miserable to tears. I knew Thieves had many uses, have used it for headaches etc…so I did like your husband, and used it full strength… put some on my finger and rubbed it on my canker. I did a little dance as it stung for a minute, but then the numbing set in and the canker calmed down!! Talk about happy!!! Finally, I could eat and drink without pain! Thank you for sharing your post.

  2. Hi! I have never had a canker sore like I do right now. I felt a bruise and soreness in my jaw a few days ago. Then a small sore appeared between my gum and cheek in the back of my jaw. I’m new to YL and figured some Theives oil couldn’t hurt. So I did as your hubby did and now it’s the size of a quarter and spreading! I got nervous the thieves shouldn’t be used this way but it’s been the only way I find any pain relief. So now I know I can continue using it and pray this heals soon. Thank you for sharing

  3. I have a compromised immune system and canker sores are my nemesis. My daughter told me to put Thieves on the new ones that developed on my lip and tongue. (The last ones I had lasted 5 weeks before I knew about Thieves). So u did what she recommended and this time, the sores lasted 4 days! I even got a fever blister and put Thieves on it figuring I might as well give it a shot – voila: gone in two days! This stuff is amazing!

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