Big Goals – On the Way to Debt Free

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We have a major goal: become debt free.  Thankfully, the only debt we have is our student loans and our house.  In order to move towards that goal, we set a pretty crazy goal for this year – pay off our smallest debt by the end of 2012.  That debt is Josh’s student loan.

We live on a very tight one-income budget.  There’s really not any extra to go towards paying down our debt, but in order to meet our goal to pay off that student loan this year, we need an extra $500 a month.  Seems impossible, right.  Yeah, it might be.  It’s a God-sized goal.  So, we have to get creative.

January was interesting…  We took the goal very seriously.  I started by decluttering and trying to sell a few things.  We got rid of our Wii and some of the boys old clothes.  Josh picked up a small project.  All together, we managed to come up with $293.13.  We did not meet our goal, BUT we did make it to almost 2/3 of our goal.

Here’s the point – If we hadn’t made the goal, we’d be nowhere.  Because we made the goal, we’re almost $300 closer to our goal of paying off that student loan.

February is going to be tough, but I have picked up a virtual assistant client that will help us get closer to the goal.  We’re continuing to do the following too:

  • Declutter and sell items we no longer need.
  • Josh find small paying projects.
  • Finish and promote ebook Finding Joy in Depression
  • Find virtual assistant clients and projects

Come back and follow our progress throughout the year.  If you’re interested in help with your WordPress site, blog images and buttons, and other virtual assistant needs, contact me.


  1. Awesome goal girl. I will be cheering you on!

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