Book Club: Shepherding a Child’s Heart

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The HEART Book Club has officially ended.  Sad?  You don’t need to be!  Let’s start another book together!

The next book club selection is Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp.  {By the way, the Kindle version of Shepherding a Child’s Heart is just $3.99.}

How does this work?

We’ll kick off on March 26.  You’re welcome to start reading before then.  {In fact, I encourage you to start early if possible.  You’ll be ready for the unexpected and still be able to participate.}  Plan to read the scheduled section the week before the date listed.  I’ll be posting reflections and a link up on Mondays following this schedule:

  • April 2 – Intro and Ch. 1
  • April 9 – Ch. 2-3
  • April 16 – Ch. 4-5
  • April 23 – Ch. 6-7
  • April 30 – Ch. 8-9
  • May 7 – Ch. 10-11
  • May 14 – Ch. 12-13
  • May 21 – Ch. 14-15
  • May 28 – Ch. 16-17
  • June 4 – Ch. 18-19

Head over and join the Shepherding Book Club Facebook Group.  This was a highlight of the HEART Book Club for many people.  So much great discussion takes place there!

I’ve made a simple printable journal to go along with this book.  It has space for notes and to answer the questions listed at the end of each chapter.  This is a FREE printable PDF download as my gift to you for signing up for the Shepherding Book Club email newsletter.  After you confirm your email subscription, you’ll be taken to the download page.  Sign up for the newsletter.

Are you a writer or a blogger?  Take a look at the guidelines for the link up and how to become a contributor for this book club.  There are buttons for you to use to spread the word about the book club too.

Get ready… The Shepherding a Child’s Heart Book Club begins in just three weeks!


  1. So looking forward to enjoying yet another book club with you my friend! 

  2. Kbalman says:

    Are you going to have a hashtag for twitter too?

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