Desperate Book Club: The Introduction

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Desperate-Book-Club-BannerDesperate: The Introduction

In the Introduction of Desperate, Sarah Mae says:

I can’t be a mother today, Lord, I’m just too tired.

I can’t tell you how many times just today I’ve felt like that. I can’t do this anymore. I just too tired. I’m 29 weeks pregnant with my third child, another boy. I’m trying to run a home, be a good wife, be a good mom to 2 rambunctious little boys, homeschool, run a business, run a blog… and the list goes on.

Where are all the Titus 2 Women?

We moms don’t need an instruction manual. We need physical help.

We don’t live near family. My mom passed away when I was 13. We attend a small home church / church plant with a total of 4 families. Where are all the older women, seasoned mothers, ready to obey the commands of Titus to train and help the younger women? Even in my previous churches, there’s been a lack of older women stepping up as mentors.

My house is a mess. Date nights? What are those? Like Sarah Mae said, I don’t need another book. I need someone to stop and help me. I need someone who will slow down long enough to whisper “I understand. I’ve been there.” and then wash some dishes for me.

What do we do?

If you’re an older mom, look around you. (And by older mom, I’m not necessarily referring to your age. I’m referring to experienced moms who have older kids and are likely out of the “littles” stage.) Are there younger, less experienced moms with whom you could develop a friendship and offer to help them out occasionally?

Younger moms, we can’t just sit a whine. We need to seek out older women to mentor us. If there is truly no one around us, then we need to find some new circles with some older women or band together to help each other out.



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  1. I am loving the book so far. I am a single, divorced mom of a very active boy. I need help too and I get tired too. I actually spend mornings teaching at my son’s school (which is a private catholic school), so that I can spend more time with him and he loves it. I enjoy going to mass with him every Wednesday morning. I know he is getting a great catholic Jesus Christ following education because he is always sharing his prayers with me. We also pray together ever night. I don’t consider myself single because I surround myself with people who have the same beliefs as me. I look forward to learning from this book. Oh! By the way, two other friends of mine are reading and doing the book club too. I am so glad we are also able to discuss it.


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