FREE Printable: The Imagination Station Books Notebooking Pages

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Imagination Station Books

Jonathan is really into The Imagination Station Books right now. He’s read three of them so far and loves seeing where Patrick and Beth are going to travel to next! I made these printable book review and notebooking pages for Jonathan to record his thoughts on The Imagination Station Books. They are generic, so they can be used for any book in the series.

Are your kids into this series? You can use our notebooking pages too. This free printable includes:

  • A book review form with places to process the setting, characters, plot, and your child’s favorite part of the story.
  • A sheet to draw a picture and write about the story.
  • A lined page to just write about the story.
  • All pages are available in primary and regular lines.

Download below:
The Imagination Station Books Notebooking Pages (550)



  1. […] I did make a free printable to help him pick out important pieces of information in the story. They are generic pages that you can use with your kids for any of The Imagination Station books. Jump over to this post to read more about the printables and download your copy. […]

  2. […] Jonathan used my Imagination Station printable to think about the book and write his review. You can use them for your kids too. Jump over to this post to download the FREE printable. […]

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