May Goals

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I have a some big goals for this month:

  1. Pay $500 a month on our HELOC. We now have our HELOC (or 2nd mortgage) in our sights to pay off on our way to debt-free. We’re praying for at least $4,000 by the end of the year and we’d love to double that if possible. This seems so impossible, but we know that God can do this and double or triple it if He wants to.
  2. Find an “SOAP” all of the verses in the Bible using the word “perfect.” This is part of my one-word for the year and part of a larger goal that I hope will come together by this fall.
  3. Design the branding for my virtual and technical assistance services and distribute a button for my clients to display. This growing business is part of our strategy for becoming debt-free. I could a couple of wonderful VA clients and a growing group of clients for whom I’m maintaining their back-end of their WordPress blogs.

Goals and accountability are crucial to success. What are your goals this month and who are you allowing to keep you accountable?

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