How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for Your Kids – Chapter 5

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This past week in the HEART Book Club, we’ve been reading chapter 5 of How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from chapter 5:

  • Lies are like wild animals – dangerous and unpredictable. pg. 154
  • Teaching our kids truth is the most important thing we can do or accomplish as parents. pg. 155
  • The earlier we can begin discussing truth with our kids, the more firmly rooted it will become in their hearts and minds.  pg. 163

Teaching our children truth needs to be a top priority.  Not knowing and understanding the truth will be the downfall of our kids.

Josh and I are both fortunate to have attended colleges where we took Bible and theology classes.  My BA is in Bible and Josh has a minor in Bible.  I went on to get a Master’s in Old Testament Studies and Josh worked for a national apologetics ministry for many years.  Don’t get me wrong – training at that level and intensity is not necessary to teach your kids.  I always wanted to be prepared for whatever God has for me once my kids are grown, but I’ve always said that if God uses my formal education for nothing more than teaching my children, it was worth it.

We want them to have the right worldview and be ready to defend their faith.  We try to create an atmosphere where our boys will be immersed in a proper worldview.  It’s how we talk, how we deal with situations, and how we interact with others.  All of these things need to point to God.

One thing that has helped me in “formal” teaching is Apologia’s What We Believe series.  I’ve been using the first book, Who is God?, with Jonathan this year.  Let me clarify – yes, I started using this book with a four year old.  Adults too often underestimate what a child can comprehend and retain.  We need to stop watering down the content.  Stop simplifying.  They won’t be able to appreciate all the nuances and retain everything the first time around, but you’re building a foundation on which your kids put everything they see and hear.  As concepts and stories are repeated, they will grasp more and more each time.  We use this book in small chunks along with the coloring book and journal and Jonathan frequently requests it.

I shared how I made our scripture memory box and printable dividers a few weeks ago.  Hiding the Word in your kids’ hearts is crucial.  They will fall back on these words in times of trouble.  Start early and review memorized verses often.

I host a weekly link up called Kids in the Word Wednesdays where you can see ways we’ve been keeping our kids in the word. You can also link up, comment, and see how other families are trying to keep their kids in the word.  Maybe you’ll find an idea that is a perfect fit for your family!

Ready?  It’s your turn!  What stood out to you in this chapter?  What are you doing to teach truth?  Share your thoughts, insights, and answers to any questions from the end of the chapter.  Leave a comment and/or join the link up.

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