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I want to introduce you to some new friends: A Journey Through Learning.  They make lapbook kits.  Lapbooks are creative notebooks usually made from file folders that you can make to go along with any topic you’re studying.  Here’s an example of a lapbook:


A Journey Through Learning has wonderful full-color and black & white printable lapbooks to go with Jeannie Fulbright and Apologia’s Exploring Creation Series.  Jonathan has been studying Astronomy so we’re making their science lapbook for Astronomy.  I can’t wait to share it with you.  Look for a post on that later this month!

We have a very special giveaway for you today: A Journey Through Learning is giving away 5 downloadable Apologia Science lapbooks to my readers.  Each of the 5 winners will be able to choose one downloadable Apologia Science lapbook.

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  1. I LOVE their lapbooks.  We’ve been using them for Apologia, and love it.

  2. I love lap books.   My boys and I have done several and love them.

  3. We love lapbooks. We have done quite a few and have enjoyed them all very much.

  4. mrspriceisright says:

    We have done some lapbooks.  It’s always a great way to demonstrate learning!

  5. Baranski1987 says:

    I have you only done one lapbook with my boys. Would love to do more with them!

  6. Would love to do this!

  7. I am currently using Apologia and loving it. I would love to learn how to lapbook. What a great way to get started!!!

  8. Sorry, forgot to answer in my above comment – have begun only one lapbook before!  We want to do more!

  9. Alaskasgem says:

    getting ready to do some today. they are excellent!!

  10. We’ve done a few very small lap books that we enjoyed very much. We would love to do one with our next Exploring Creation Book!

  11. Never lap booked before but want to learn. I love Apologia. We are currently using Anatomy and Physiology. 

  12. Yes, we really enjoy lapbooks! It gives them a fun hands-on activity to solidify what they’re learning about, and it leaves us with a great keepsake from their studies. :)

  13. No we haven’t started them yet. 

  14. apheartsong says:

    We have begun a few lapbooks. The kids enjoying looking at them again and again, and the younger non-readers enjoy the interaction.

  15. We LOVE lapbooks. We’ve been doing them for a few years. My kids like to do something a little bit more with them. We take composition books and glue the lapbook pieces on the pages. It works better for us and we can do multiple lapbooks on one subject.

  16. Marie Johnson says:

    We have done several lapbooks and we love them!

  17. We’ve yet to do a lap book

  18. Desiree Wales says:

    My son is working on a Physcial Science lapbook right now.  Would love to do more of them with my younger kiddos.  Think they are a very creative and fun way to learn concepts :-) 

  19. Desiree says:

    We love Apologia!

  20. I have as of yet to do a lapbook with my son. But I do plan on doing them with him. I think he will enjoy the making of the lapbook and I like that he will be learning at the same time. He likes to show his dad the work he has done.

  21. Jenn Porsche says:

    I’d love to try this as we use apologia!

  22. we kinda-of lapbook.  I usually do all the activities, just not paste them in a folder.  I want to someday.  Right now with the 2 hr time limit (twins napping) we get done what we get done . .. 

  23. I have enjoyed doing many lapbooks with my younger kids.  As they have gotten older they prefer to notebook, but we can use the lapbook for a change and put them on page dividers in their notebooks.

  24. Ourniftynotebook says:

    We haven’t done one yet, but I look forward to them!

  25. Love ATJL and we love Apologia…this would make the perfect combo!

  26. I adore their lapbooks!! And we use Apologia!

  27. ScholaAbdico says:

    My daughter recently finished the LapBook for Apologia Flying Creatures and she enjoyed it very much!  We plan on doing Astronomy and Anatomy starting this summer!

  28. My kids and I love lapbooking!  

  29. We have started using lapbooks this year and they are turning out to be a very good learning tool for my kids.  My daughter is getting used to them and now she really likes to do them with her study units.

  30. We have loved using lapbooks, but especially with Apologia. So much better than worksheets all the time! 

  31. We did one lap book and we liked it pretty. Wanting to do more

  32. Jennifer Miller says:

    We have done lapbooking several times and my 7 year old son especially enjoys it.

  33. Yes my kids love lapbooks.

  34. Jen_GricefullyHSing says:

    We really enjoy lapbooks as well. Never tried AJTL‘s lapbooks but we do use one for Apologia Biology…which is nice! Have fun at TTD…hope to go next year! =)

  35. Jen_GricefullyHSing says:

    We really enjoy lapbooks as well. Never tried AJTL‘s lapbooks but we do use one for Apologia Biology…which is nice! Have fun at TTD…hope to go next year! =)

  36. This would be great to win!  We love Apologia!

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