June Goals

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These goals continue this month:

  1. Pay $500 a month on our HELOC. Made it last month! We came up with $505.06. Yes that $.06 counts!
  2. Put all of the verses in the Bible using the word “perfect” into a chart. This goal is modified from the one I didn’t get through last month.
  3. Design the branding for my virtual and technical assistance services and distribute a button for my clients to display. I was so close to getting this done last month, but I didn’t so it remains a goal.

Goals and accountability are crucial to success. What are your goals this month and who are you allowing to keep you accountable?

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  1. Shonda says:

    Wow, just curious about why you want to research perfect.  I’m a perfectionist and some days I wish I wasn’t!  I would love to see what verses you come up with.

    • Shonda, my “one word” for the year is perfect. I’m trying to “rediscover perfect” and find a Biblical definition for perfect. I think God is leading me towards writing an ebook/bible study out of it.

  2. I should probably do part two with you.  I need a crash course on what perfection is truly about!

    • Tami, I’m trying to rediscover a Bible definition of perfect. So far, it is more about wholeness than our culture’s idea of being without fault or failure.

  3. I love that you’re “redesigned” your goals from last month! :) I’m praying you can get them done this month! (Visiting from Welcome to our Good life!)

  4. Sherri Davidson says:

    Yay for the extra 5.06 that you managed to find on top of the 500. Great work. Awesome goals!!!!

  5. Thank you for mentioning the word “perfect” the previous commenter is right, the Bible talks about perfect meaning whole and complete. That kind of perfect I can handle and work toward. Our modern society defines perfect as being without fault…that will never be me.

  6. Way to go on your money goal – it’s awesome watching that balance drop, isn’t it?!

  7. Wow on the money goal! We’ve got to pay down our credit cards, but something always seems to come up!

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