June Goals Update 6/29

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Another week in June and here’s my progress on my June goals:

  1. Pay $500 a month on our HELOC.
    June has been a great month! I’ve crossed the line on this goal!
    Regular payment $185.
    VA work: $332.64
    Total: $517.64
  2. Put all of the verses in the Bible using the word “perfect” into a chart. The initial research is done. I have the verses. Now I’ll moving on to grouping and looking at the context. There’s a lot more work ahead of me.
  3. Design the branding for my virtual and technical assistance services and distribute a button for my clients to display. No progress.

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  1. Good job on the HELOC. Looks like you got that one covered. And a good start on the verses. I’m sure you will get to the branding. Your doing well. :)

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