Kids in the Word: 180 Days in the Word Review and Giveaway

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Do you struggle to find ways to help your older kids, specifically your teens, get into the Word? Then I’ve got a great resource for you. Cheryl Pitt, founder of the 2:1 Conference, has created a Bible study for your teens called 180 Days in the Word.


Why 180 Days?

The typical school year is 180 days long. In some states, even as homeschoolers, you’re required to log 180 days. There’s no better way to start your school day than with the Word, so Cheryl has put together a guide to help your teens read the entire Bible in 180 Days in the Word.

The Whole Bible in 180 Days

Your teens may think that reading the whole Bible in 180 days in impossible. Not so. 180 Days in the Word breaks it all down into an easy to follow 5 day a week schedule. And yes, there are even a couple of grace days built in just in case you get behind. Plus, Fridays are just for reflection, so if you get behind, you’re encouraged to catch up on those days.

180 Days of Journaling Through the Bible

I love concept of notebooking and journaling, even for young children. In 180 Days in the Word, there are two journaling pages for each week to help your teen process what they have read. There’s also a memory verse for each week from the scheduled readings.


Get 180 Days in the Word

I love this format and the layout of 180 Days in the Word is great. It’s a great way to get your teens into the word! Want a copy for your kids? The regular price of 180 Days in the Word is $7.99, but right now it’s on an introductory price of just $4.99

Buy your copy of 180 Days in the Word now!

Want to win a copy of 180 Days in the Word? Cheryl has graciously offered to give a copy of 180 Days in the Word to one of my readers. Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter:

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What’s your biggest struggle in getting your older kids in the Word regularly? What has worked well for you? How have you kept your kids in the Word this week? Share in the commentsand/or link up a blog post about kids AND Bible, character, or worldview.


  1. Biggest success is that a lot of his schoolwork is Bible related. However I would like something “more fun” for him also.

  2. Biggest struggle is getting her to ask for help when she doesn’t understand something or can’t pronounce a word. Biggest success is that we use Biblically based homeschool curriculum so she reads the Bible while studying basic academic subjects too.

  3. Our biggest struggle with our teen is getting her to ask when she doesn’t understand something and then searches out the answers for herself. She is homeschooling for the first time and is still getting use to that also. We just feel it best for her but struggle with getting across some of the more important things in life.

  4. Struggle for me at the moment is keeping myself in the word. With 2 underthree, I know that if I am in the word, they are more likely to also be in the word

  5. While he reads voraciously, and well above grade level, the understanding is the hard part. His attitude is that he knows everything, and I’m still trying to find a way to teach him that the deeper meanings are worth more than just a quick read. Reflection is difficult.

  6. Jennifer Miller says:

    My biggest struggle- the example I set.

  7. My biggest struggle is making him understand that just because he can read fast, doesnt mean he needs to. He needs to read to understand, not just to get through it.

  8. The biggest success is that both kids actually like to study the Bible. Hardest struggle is finding a good program that makes it flow well.

  9. My kids are in AWANA and it has been huge in getting them in the word! Plus, reading their Bible each morning is part of their daily morning routine.

  10. Getting my pre-teen to drop other interests and start with the Word has been our biggest challenge – but our biggest success is that once he does – it really means a lot to him & I love seeing him grow!

  11. My biggest struggle has been convincing the kids to make time for it. My biggest success has been doing it with them.

  12. Making it a part of their day when they come home and have to do homework and piano–we do family devotions, but they don’t do individual devotions on a regular basis. Although my oldest, who goes to a Christian school, says her teacher sets aside a little bit of time for the students to read the Bible on her own.

  13. Time is the largest struggle…especially since returning to work. It seems we are forced to plow through our homeschooling..just to get things completed..don’t want to plow through God’s word..I know this is just a season….

  14. Peggy Jensen says:

    Prioritizing schedules is always a struggle, though we are trying to get better!

  15. Garilyn S says:

    Time and prioritizing and probably the 2 biggest factors. Though, we know there is time, it’s making time. I struggle myself which doesn’t help!


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