Kids in the Word: Share Your Stories and Tips

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The Pelsers

I don’t have the market cornered on getting your kids in the Word. I want to hear your stories and tips! So, I’m opening up Kids in the Word Wednesdays for guest posts. I want to feature you and your kids! Rather than having the usual link up this week, I’m telling you how you share at The Pelsers.

I invite you to do one of the following:

  • write a full post about how you keep your kids in the Word
  • share a quick tip of something that works well for you and your kids.

I’ll be expecting:

  • content about kids AND one or more of the following: Bible, character, or worldview
  • your best writing and anĀ original post never before posted
  • at least one picture to help illustrate your story or tip
  • short bio (link to your blog welcome)

Interested? Jump over to the Kids in the Word proposal page to submit your post, story, or tip ideas!

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