Kids in the Word Wednesday Review: Esther from Grapevine Studies

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The Pelsers

Jonathan finally finished his last lesson in Esther from Grapevine Studies. I know I’ve been talking about reviewing this study for weeks and weeks. We’ve been on a very relaxed schedule this summer. We’ve probably done, on average, one lesson per week, which is more like a standard schedule recommended by Grapevine Studies. Jonathan just gets excited and wants to do it all at once when he finds something he enjoys.


Esther is a multi-level study from Grapevine Studies. This means that it is meant to be used across a wide age range. You can add or subtract for students at various ages as needed. You’ll need both a teacher’s guide ($16.95 paper / $12.95 ebook) and a student workbook ($10.95 paper / $8.95 ebook).

I’m all about ebooks! It saves us shipping costs, storage space, and money in general. I print the student book in black and white for Jonathan and bind it with my coil binding machine. You can 3-hole punch and slip the book into a binder as well. Then we use the teacher’s guide on my iPad. I put the teacher’s guide file into Evernote and download it to my iPad in the Evernote app. I usually then choose to open the book in GoodReader because that app keeps track of our place and that makes it easy to start our lesson the next time. I can also use GoodReader to make notes on the file if I choose.

Jonathan likes to copy the pictures directly from the iPad. I actually let him do most of the work independently with me sitting nearby. I read the passages and we discuss along the way. We do half a lesson or a whole lesson in a sitting. This is all rather unusual for a five year. Don’t be discouraged if your child can’t do as much at a time or needs more guidance. This is one of the beautiful things about Grapevine Studies. It’s easy to personalize for your whole family!

So, we’ve spent the last two months or so learning about Queen Esther, Mordecai, Haman, Purim, and more. Jonathan loved the story and it was quite convenient that What’s in the Bible? Volume 7 which contains the book of Esther was released a few months ago. It’s a great companion to this Esther study from Grapevine Studies.

Here’s a peak into some of our Esther fun:


Working on the first timeline. Check out Mordecai’s huge hat!


The most famous verse in Esther along with his favorite drawing from the lesson.


Finishing up the final timeline/lesson of Esther!


Showing off one of his favorite pages in his Esther book. Can you believe that star of David?

By the way, Grapevine Studies is running a sale on Esther right now! Grab your copy of Esther today in your preferred format before the sale ends at the end of August! Want an extra 20% off your entire order? Use the code: 12BlogSun.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Esther or other books from Grapevine Studies. How have you kept your kids in the Word this week? Share in the comments or link up a post. Posts should be related to kids AND Bible, character, and worldview. Please use the button code from the sidebar so your reader can come back and read the other posts in the linky.

{Material Disclosure: We received a copy of the ebook version of both the teacher’s guide and student book in exchange for an honest review. I also work on contract for Grapevine Studies as a virtual assistant.}

This post contains affiliate links.


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    Amanda, I will definitely have to purchase this one. Thank you for always encouraging Moms to Disciple their children!


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