March and April Debt-Free Progress: Paid in Full

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Have you been following our goal to pay off Josh’s student loan this year?  If not, let me catch you up before I share our latest news…

We started with a goal: Pay off Josh’s student loan by the end of the year.  That was going to require an extra $500 a month that we didn’t have in our monthly budget.  We sold some things.  We picked up some odd jobs.  We didn’t meet our goal in January, but we were further along than if we hadn’t made the goal.

In February, we were blown away by our tax refund and some miscellaneous excess that we found in the budget.  We suddenly found ourselves much closer to our goal than we ever imagined we could be this year.

We kicked into high gear in March and changed our goal timeline: pay off the loan by Josh’s birthday which is in early May.

Now, here we are in April.  Josh’s quarterly incentive at work came in and then I took everything I’ve made from one of my VA jobs and I’m excited to report that I just made the final payment on Josh’s student loan!

Paid in Full.  It’s gone.  And it’s done over 8 months earlier than our initial and impossible looking God-sized goal.  We were able to pay off over $6,000 in 3.5 months.

Let that serve as encouragement to you that it can be done.  No matter how impossible it looks.  Just make the goal and move towards it.  It may not happen that fast, but you never know when God might intervene and blow your mind.  Not only that, God also provided a way for us to also go on vacation at the end of the month after The 2:1 Conference in DC and pay for it all in CASH.

Following our vacation celebration, our next step is to work towards paying off our HELOC.  That’s a bigger goal and will take longer, but we’re committed to making it happen.  Plus, we have an extra $85/mo to snowball towards that goal now that Josh’s student loan is paid off.

Got a debt-free story to tell?  Got a goal to be debt-free?  Share your stories and tips in the comments.


  1. Yay Amanda! so happy for you – we just sent in the last payment for Marks truck so now we both have vehicles paid for! 😉 

  2. awesome!!!!! That is so wonderful!!! God is so good!!!!

  3. Laura B. says:

    We finally paid off our minivan in May after receiving a huge tax refund. Not only we paid off our minivan, but we were able to pay off a 12 year old bill (paying $200 every month for the past few years). Such a huge relief. Now our next goal is to pay off several medical bills that went to collections because we just simply didn’t have any extra income in our monthly budget. Now we can probably pay off three of them by the end of this year. I’m so excited, yet, so nervous too because anything can come up and we’ll be right back in debt.


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