The Proverbs 31 Woman Week 2: Be Rare. Be Trustworthy.

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Through the summer, I’m teaming up with my friend Kelli at Adventurez in ChildRearing to bring you a series of reflections and link ups on Proverbs 31 as we study along with Good Morning Girls. Get all the details on the study in the kick-off post. Daily discussion is going on in our Proverbs 31 Facebook Group. You’re invited to join us too – just request to be added to the group.

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Week 2 Reflections:
Be Rare. Be Trustworthy

Here are a few thoughts from my reading this week:

  • Be rare. Don’t worry about fitting in.
  • Bring honor to my husband in everything I do.
  • My husband should trust me.
  • Women are too often characterized as gossips and busybodies. I want to be seen as trustworthy and a peacemaker.

My family has two primary goals that we’re focusing on right now.

  1. Family comes first.
  2. Pursue debt freedom.

The readings this week were confirmation to press on. Stay focused on these two things. This will bring the trust of my husband because he knows that I have the best interests of our family at heart even when we have to make tough choices. (Read more about our priorities and our pursuit of debt freedom.)

What your family goals? Do I have their attention? Who do I speak for? What will I do to raise my children in God’s ways? Share in the comments and/or link up a blog post. Make sure you go visit Kelli at Adventurez in ChildRearing too! Grab the button code from this page.



  1. Love your reflections on this – Rare is probably a word my husband would use to describe me (LOL) – you’ve seen the I love Lucy show right? He just never knows – keeping him on his toes 😉 . . . and he does trust me so I’m doing something right! I’m thankful – so very thankful that we both have husbands who obviously cherish us. That is also (sadly) rare these days. Good men are to be treasured – I want Mark to know I “treasure” him. Happy Birthday my friend!!!

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