Pursuit of Proverbs 31: Lead Our Hearts

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Pursuit of Proverbs 31

I’m continuing to study using Amy Bayliss’ new ebook Pursuit of Proverbs 31.  I had the privilege of reviewing Pursuit of Proverbs 31 before it released.  It’s wonderful and packed full of information, thoughts, and guidance for studying Proverbs 31.  Want your own copy?  Pursuit of Proverbs 31 is available in PDF, Kindle and Nook.

Last week I shared about priorities sparked by Amy’s ebook and then followed up with 10 Starting Points for Determining YOUR Priorities.

I read chapter 4 and made it about half way through chapter 5 this week. Chapter 4 was about marriage and love. Here’s what stood out to me: referencing John 14, love is an action and it’s about obedience.  Amy says this:

Love does not need to be felt in order to exist. It is an action. pg. 58

She also says:

We must lead our heart to conform to God’s will. pg. 54

How many times a day do you know that you’re supposed to do something, but you don’t want to do it? It might be following through on a big decision that God is calling you to make but it might be as simple as doing the dishes to show love for your family. I don’t do the dishes or the laundry because I like to. Far from it! I do those things because I love my family and I love God. (And, I know that my family would probably chose to eat off the floor and run naked rather than take care of these tasks themselves.)

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You have to choose to do whatever God calls you to do, even if your heart isn’t in it right away. The feelings will follow.

Are you reading Pursuit of Provers 31 with me or already read it? Share your thoughts on this section or the whole book in the comments.

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