Raising Real Men – Chapter 11 and 12

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I’m blogging my way through Raising Real Men with The MOB Society.  If you missed a post in the series, head to the Raising Real Men Introduction to catch up. Today, I’m in chapter 11 and 12.

Chapter 11

  • a man should use his muscular strength to help those around him.  pg. 178
  • Our goal is to raise men that are comfortable in any situation in which God places them.  pg. 180

The other day, I decided to have tea time with Jonathan as we worked on our Grapevine Study of Joseph.  Tea time isn’t just for mommas with girls!  It teaches manners and other skills needed for boys to get along well in social situations.  Jonathan now begs me for tea time in the afternoons.

Chapter 12

  • … our sons needs to learn these tasks to take care of themselves when they leave our homes, and they need to understand them as a crucial part of the families mission now.  pg. 194

My boys aren’t yet old enough to do much around the house.  Sure they pick up their toys and Jonathan can put his folded laundry away.  We’ve started teaching Jonathan to do things like put the silverware away and clean his bathroom, but he’s far from doing larger tasks on his own yet.

In our house, Josh and I have always divided chores by strength and preferences as much as possible.  Josh does a better job washing dishes than I do.  He also enjoys working outside, so he mows the lawn.  I enjoy cooking and well, someone has to do the laundry.  As our boys grow, they will be shown how to handle all sorts of tasks so they can be contributors to our family.

Let’s talk!  What do you think about boys, manners, and “women’s work”?  How do you teach these things  and divide up duties in your home?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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