Reflections from Apologia Live: How Children Learn with Debra Bell

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I’m in the process of sharing quotes, tidbits, and reflections from the various sessions at the Apologia Live Retreat which I had the opportunity to attend recently.  Start here to read about my over all experience at the Apologia Live Retreat and head over to this post to read reflections from other sessions.

How Children Learn with Debra Bell

Did you know that kids are hardwired by God to learn?  The great thing about this is that we can let go off some of the pressure that we put on ourselves as moms and homeschooling parent!  We do our best, but in the end it’s God responsibility and then God gets all the glory.

Each child is designed by God to develop on their own timetable.  God has made us learners and He wants us to love learning.  Schools put kids on an artificial timetable and the result is that we strip kids of their love of learning.

Adult diseases are starting to show up earlier and earlier in children because of the high stress, fast-paced society we’ve become.  Leisure time and imaginative play are vital to the healthy development of children.

This is the benefit of homeschooling:  we can follow that God-given timetable and create a lower stress environment where kids can see next steps through their siblings.

Debra recommended this book in her session:  The Power of Play: How Spontaneous, Imaginative Activities Lead to Happier, Healthier Children by David Elkind

I loved Debra’s Nuts & Bolts session because she made the scientific study of the brain, behavior, and learning easy to understand and gave us the tools to apply the information to create a better environment for our kids.

Want more from Debra Bell?  See Debra’s website.


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