Reflections from Apologia Live: Homeschooling in the Elementary Years with Zan Tyler

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I’m in the process of sharing quotes, tidbits, and reflections from the various sessions at the Apologia Live Retreat which I had the opportunity to attend recently.  Start here to read about my over all experience at the Apologia Live Retreat and head over to this post to read reflections from other sessions.

Homeschooling in the Elementary Years with Zan Tyler

  • Time is one of the greatest gifts in your homeschool
  • We need to build up and remove every obstacle. See Isaiah 57:14
  • Education begins with your child, not a scope and sequence.
  • By 8th grade, most homeschooled kids are 4 years ahead of their peers.
  • Out of a 7.5 hour school day in the best schools, only 1.5 hours is spent in engaged learning time.
  • Relationships and intimacy are key in learning.
  • Age 5-12 are crucial to developing life-long habits.

Ever feel like you’re not doing enough in your homeschool?  Stop beating yourself up.  You’re likely spending more focused time than the average school and you’re building relationships that are key to unlocking learning in your children.

Zan Tyler has written a wonderful book titled 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential.  I’ll be starting a book club with 7 Tools in July!  Sign up for the book club newsletter to get updates on the 7 Tools Book Club.


  1. I love listening to Zan–she has such a comforting way about her. The 3rd bullet point took me about 4 years into homeschooling to realize. Thank you for sharing!

  2. The engaged learning statistics always surprise me. lol.  I just assumed it would be more. =)

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