Reflections from Apologia Live: Your Marriage with Jeannie Fulbright

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I’m in the process of sharing quotes, tidbits, and reflections from the various sessions at the Apologia Live Retreat which I had the opportunity to attend recently. Start here to read about my over all experience at the Apologia Live Retreat and head over to this post to read reflections from other sessions.

Your Marriage with Jeannie Fulbright

I know Jeannie because of her science books, but she went a direction with this session that I didn’t expect: Celebrating the Journey with Your Marriage. I wrote so many great snippets and I’m just going to share them with you raw:

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  • You must have a fulfilling and satisfying relationship with Jesus. God doesn’t need you to be good.
  • God is enough.
  • Anything you need to be happy besides God is an idol – This includes the “ideal husband” you think your spouse should be.
  • Thank God for even the hard things. Thank Him for your trials.
  • Stop preaching and start praying without ceasing.
  • Your husband’s greatest need is respect.
  • When I don’t respect my husband, I stand in the way of who God wants him to be.
  • Forgiveness is not a feeling; it’s a choice.

There’s probably more than one line in there that makes you stop and think. How can these relate your your marriage? Are you standing in the way of who God wants your husband to be?

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