Review: For Love of Words Proofreading Services

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I recently released my first ebook, Finding Joy in Depression. One of the best things that you can do as a writer is hire a good editor/proofreader. No matter how wonderful your writing is, it is so difficult to edit and proof your own writing. You will miss so many things because you are too close to your words. You must find someone who offers great proofreading services!

My twitter friend Lisa launched her new business For Love of Words at the time that I needed a proofreader for Finding Joy in Depression. I asked her if she would take my “baby” into her care and make sure it was ready to be released to the public. Lisa did just that with the utmost care.

Lisa’s turnaround time was fast. I had my manuscript back in about three days. Lisa suggested rearranging a few chapters, which in the end really improved the flow of my ebook. She made sections more concise and made my ebook a better end product.

If you’re writing an ebook or other project that needs proofreading, Lisa at For Love of Words is an excellent choice!

{Disclosure: Lisa proofed my ebook in an exchange for a honest review of her services.}


  1. Lisa is AMAZING!!!  I hope to use her in the future….that means I have to write, and that makes me smile!

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