How am I Studying 1 John?

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Here’s a run down of how I’m studying 1 John.

First, I’m using the schedule and guide from Good Morning Girls.  Monday – Thursday we’re reading the schedule verse(s).  On Friday, we reflect on the entire section that we read that week.

I decided to use a paper Bible for this study. {Gasp!}  Yes, this tech junkie is studying “old school.”  I’m using a NASB Bible, but I am using YouVersion and Logos on my iPad to compare versions and look at resources like commentaries.

Continuing with the “old school” trend, I’m also using a paper notebook.  I pulled a simple composition book out of the homeschool supply stash along with some colored pencils for marking the keywords listed in the Good Morning Girls guide.  There really is something about writing that helps it stick.

I’m using SOAP as my method:

  • Scripture: write out the verses.
  • Observation: write any observations from the passage.
  • Application: write out things that I can do based on my observations.
  • Prayer: write out a prayer based on my observations and applications.

Our church just started a series on 1 John.  If you want something additional to go along with your study, take a look at the sermon videos online.

Here’s the video that fits with last week’s reading:

Can’t see the video in your email or RSS reader?

My reflections on the first section of 1 John:

There is an interesting progression in verses 1-4.  John talks about moving from hearing to seeing to gazing/examining, to personally experiencing Jesus.  As we move along that journey, we find that we have to share with others.  This makes our joy complete.

An often misunderstood, overused, or Christianeese word used in this section is fellowship.  Fellowship means:

the sharing of mutual interest, experiences activities; companionship and friendship (from

Fellowship isn’t a potluck meal after church.  It’s really about sharing and doing life with others.  It’s about having true friends to share your experiences with.  This is what makes our joy complete.  Going to Women of Faith this past weekend reminded me of this too.  More than anything, I think it reminded me of how I fall short in this area.  I’m missing out because I don’t have the deep friendships that I need.  Josh and I have been in a transition in the last year: new baby, new jobs, new church.  Seems like everything is new.  We unfortunately found that the majority of the people that we thought were friends were acquaintances.  {This is as much our fault as theirs.}  We’re both in a time of figuring out what this season in our family looks like and how that fits with those around us.

Whether you’re reading 1 John or not, I hope you’ll leave a comment on this post with your thoughts.  How do you prefer to study the Bible?  What does fellowship look like in your life?

It’s not too late to jump in.  We read 1 John 1:1-4 this week.  I’d love for you to join my group on Facebook and read with us!


  1. Love the way you broke it down…and I am loving going through it with SOAP…I am also using another one for 21 days of prayer with my Discipleship…It’s so rich and full of life…and I LOVE your quote:  “Fellowship isn’t a potluck meal after church”  It’s too easy to get caught up in stuff to do, isn’t it…it takes time to build a relationship…we should not expect anything different with our father!

    • SOAP is a newer idea for me but I’m loving it.  I love the simplicity of it.

      Simplicity seems to be the key to this season in our lives.  We have to press hard against the running around and doing.

  2. Your comments about the difference between having acquaintances and true friends and fellowship really resonated with me. It does take time to grow a relationship into something deep and real. It takes time to do that with God too, and I’m learning that it’s SO worth it to spend the time with Him…and with people I want to develop relationships with.

    • Good.  I was hesitant to be that… open :)  It’s a place where we have really struggled for many years.  Major changes in our lives can really rip off the masks and show what is lasting and what is not.

  3. I really like the way you explained “fellowship” and the difference between examining and applying things personally to our own lives.  While it’s great to do all the extras (potlucks) at church, the important thing is truly Christian FELLOWSHIP like you mentioned, in helping others through their journey.  Visiting from Mustard Seed Planting. 

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