Teach Your Children a Biblical Worldview

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Teach Your Children a Biblical Worldview

I grew up in a one-parent home. For a long time, I felt sorry for myself because of that. I was mad because my parents divorced, my brother died and I spent a majority of my childhood either alone in a locked home (yes, I was at the beginning of the latch-key generation), in the back room of a salon waiting for my Mother to get off of work, or when I was old enough…working two jobs.

I surrounded myself with friends who lived in a similar situation. All of our parents were divorced….and we even formed a club and had a counselor meet with us in highschool. It was a way to feel loved.

We had the love of our Moms and Dads and we had each other. What we did not have…was a family unit or a Biblical Worldview. Did you catch that term – a Biblical Worldview? Do you know what it is and what it means?


Well, let’s start with a worldview. To put it simply, it’s the way we look at the world. Everyone has a worldview – everyone views the world in a way that is indicative of the beliefs that surround them in their home.

In Zan’s book, 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential, she states: “Christians must educate themselves on what a biblical worldview is and why it’s important. As Christian parents, we must commit ourselves to understanding worldview issues for our children’s sake. If we choose to remain ignorant, our children’s faith will suffer.”

Teach Your Children To Seek

This is the front cover of my Grandmother’s Bible – given to me by my Mother

Biblical Worldview

What is a Biblical Worldview? A Biblical Worldview is looking at the world from the perspective of the Bible – that all things were created by God for His glory and each and every person has a purpose for which they are born – again, for HIS glory.

“A biblical worldview, …… serves as a compass for our children, giving them a point of reference that is steady and reliable. With this landmark they can find their way in this world and stay the course….. Worldview is not something we learn about so we can take pride in what we know. Neither is worldview static and stale. A Christian worldview is empowering and ennobling because God and His Word are at the center of it.” (paraphrase pg 107 of 7 Tools)

Zan quotes Dr. J. Budzisewski (professor of government and philosophy at the University of Texas) early in the chapter: “We Christians are now outnumbered by people who do not share our presuppositions, and for the first time in American history, the Word of God is unwelcome out of church. This is a new situation for Christianity in our country. We have never known a civic rhetoric that was not based on the Bible.The Scriptures were the foundation of American public speech from the colonies onward, not only among believers, but even among non believers.

I see this all around me today. More and more, Christians are not sharing the gospel, the full gospel because they fear the reprisal of others who do not believe in God – more than they fear God.

What do we do?

WE must embrace the words of Deuteronomy 11:19: “You shall teach them to your children, talking of them when you are sitting in your house, and when you are walking by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise”

As parents, it is our job to disciple our children, to share the Word of God with them…this is our responsibility. We are not told to send them off somewhere to let someone else teach them…we are to teach them.

To me, this not only helps the child grow in Christ and God’s Word, but also the parent. As we teach, we grow, as we grow, we can impart wisdom and we can help our children as they face the struggles of this world that could take them off of the path.

Obstacles to Developing a Christian Worldview

“A strong biblical worldview constantly seeks to integrate all areas of life under the direction and the power of the Word of God. Some of hte main obstacles that can stifle worldview growth and development in us and our children have to do with separating things that were never meant to be separated.” (7 Tools pg 109)

Zan identifies 3 Obstacles to developing a Christian Worldview:

The Separation of Sacred and Secular

We must stop compartmentalizing our lives – and thinking that as long as we go to church on Sunday, it’s all good. We are created for the glory of God and we must begin looking at the world and understanding it and what we do every moment based on that. He desires a relationship with us and that relationship can not just consist of a little prayer here and there and Sunday morning worship, it must be integrated into every.single.aspect of our lives.
“Many children lose interest in Christianity because they do not understand its implications for their daily lives. As parents, we must continually demonstrate to our children that Christianity is relevant to all of life and that God is intimately interested in every aspect of their lives -including their hobbies and career interests, their work and their play, their strengths and their weaknesses. If we fail to do that, our children will be among those clamoring to run out of the church door when they come of age……. We must present this view of workd and the world to our children – this view that refuses to separate the sacred from the secular….” (pg 112)

The Separation of Church and Society

The world wants to take God out of everything….and groups like the American Civil Liberties Union are working hard to do that….wipe God out of everything, including the Pledge of Allegiance! We, as parents must make sure that our children do not forget God, teach them the truth about our American History and our Founding documents and prepare them for a future of fighting to keep God and His world in our society

The Separation of Christianity and the Mind

Michael Weisskopf made a declaration that evangelicals are “largely poor, uneducated and easy to command.”
Do you believe that? I mean, do you speak up when you know the truth, or are you afraid to…because this is the thought process that is resonating across our country? Or, are you equipping yourself and your children with a Biblical Worldview that places God at the center, but does not walk away from gaining a good education?
Here’s a little fact that Zan shares in 7 Tools that I just love…. Harvard’s “Rules and Precepts, ” from the year 1546 included this statement:
Let every student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life (John 17:3) and therefore lay Christ at the bottom, as the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning.

How Do You Teach a Biblical Worldview

Many Americans today do not have or even understand a Biblical Worldview. I did not know that I did not have one. Yes, I read my Bible and yes, I am learning more and more about God’s Word, his truth, grace and mercy… Bt, how di I impart a worldview to my children that I never learned.

The best way is with tools that have been created. Here are a couple of recommendations listed in Zan’s Book: 7 Tools For Cultivating Your Child’s Potential.

How are you Helping Your Child(ren) grow a Biblical Worldview?


  1. Rebecca, I am amazed at how much you and I have in common sometimes. :-) This is such an encouraging and informative word. We can make a difference in how they view the world. And that view will make or break them when the wind blows!

    You’ve been pinned! (You know, on pinterest. Hehe!)

  2. Amanda,
    This is a great post on a topic that is so often considered to be primarily for adults. Yet, how important it is for us to instill a biblical worldview in our small children from the start!

    I love your thoughts, both on the Separation of Church and Society, and Separation of Christianity and the Mind. Biblical faith is evidential and relational, not “belief despite the evidence” as New Atheism claims.

    Grace and peace to you and your family!


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