Using Technology to Manage Your Files

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5 Days of Using Technology to Manage Your Home


Welcome to Day 3 of my 5 Days of Using Technology to Mange Your Home Series.

Raise your hand is you have notes and papers everywhere and your computer files are just as messy? Are you trying to keep important information in your email? Stop! There’s a better way!


I keep my whole life in Evernote. I happen to have the paid account, but the free account is more than enough for many people. It’s available for desktop, browser, and mobile. Using an Evernote account, it’s easy to access your notes across devices.

Evernote is made up of a system of folders and notes. You can put just about anything – text, pictures, and files into a note. Notes can be tagged with keywords to make them easier to find the information you’re looking for.

Here are some ways that I use Evernote:

  • Scan and store receipts.
  • Store PDF freebies and purchases for homeschooling.
  • Forward emails using the special email address for my account.
  • Email in blog posts that I want to save from my RSS reader.
  • Clip recipes and other information using the web clipper extension.
  • Sharing notes from conferences.
  • Sharing information with my husband.
  • Store scanned paper – paperless filing cabinet
Don’t let Evernote scare you. It is actually a very easy to use program. It a great way to eliminate random pieces of paper floating around your house. Paired with a mobile device, Evernote can be a go anywhere note-taking solution.


Dropbox is for storing and sharing files. I keep larger files in Dropbox that I want to access from anywhere or don’t want to lose. Here are some of the ways I use Dropbox:

  • Storing ebooks to read on my iPad.
  • Sharing files with my husband.
  • Sharing files with my VA clients.
  • Backing up files I don’t want to lose.

Dropbox accounts start with 2GB for free. You can purchase additional space if you need more. If you sign up for Dropbox using my link, you’ll get an extra 500MB of FREE space – That starts you off with 2.5 GB of space for free.

What do you think of these two ways to use technology to manage your files? Need help with either one? Other favorite applications? Leave a comment!

Come back tomorrow for Day 4 of Using Technology to Manage Your Home.


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  1. Great ideas for Evernote. I haven’t used many of those. Now I am motivated to reorganize. :-)

  2. I’ve downloaded Evernote, but have yet to use it. Ok, gonna go check it out now. Great ideas for things to include in it! Love the idea of scanning and storing receipts!

  3. Kasey Norton says:

    I’d never heard of Evernote but I’m going to check it out! These are some great ideas! Thanks!!

  4. Jeri Lynn says:

    Wow! You make it sound simple enough for even ME! Thanks so much for providing this wealth of information.

  5. tried to get a dropbox under your account but I already have one under my email – they are sending me my password so I can get into it 😉 maybe this time I’ll use it

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