Thankful For: Cute Cloth Training Pants on a Little Bum

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I’m thankful today for cute cloth training pants on my toddler…

My little Jacob is wearing his cute new Bum Genius training pants. The velcro is giving out on our cloth diapers so we decided to take the next step and buy these new training pants instead of new diapers. The cover is black with white writing – it has equations and says “I’m a genius.” How appropriate for my future homeschooler!

Thank you to these blogs for inspiring and provoking thoughtfulness, thankfulness, remembrance, and showing my how to celebrate my boys:

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  1. RedOakLane says:

    So cute!!  

  2. what a cutie lil bum 😉 love it! 

  3. What a cutie!  The training pants are nice too.  

  4. Fullovnrg says:

    very fun training pants

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