The Truth of Teaching Kids Honesty

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Sami Cone is a newer friend of mine. I’ve been getting to know her in one of my blogging groups and I’m excited for you to meet her. She’s helping me get some rest this month by sharing a post with you. Did you know that there’s a National Honesty Day? I didn’t. Read on for her tips for teaching honesty to your kids. Don’t forget to visit her blog too!

While the Fruit of the Spirit does not specifically include ‘truth’ or ‘honesty’, I would argue that it is foundational to who we are as Christians. I would also venture to say that while truth is one of the most important characteristics we can instill in our children, teaching our kids honesty can be one of the most difficult tasks we tackle as parents!

So in honor of National Honesty Month, I wanted to share my top tips for teaching your kids the value of truth and honesty:

5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Honest:

1. Keep you kids accountable for their actions
-Have specific expectations set in place and make sure you follow through on discipline when those are violated. You also want to correct them in a loving, educated way instead of reacting out of emotion in the moment.

2. Listen as they speak to friends & siblings
-Be another set of ears guiding them in their everyday situations instead of just speaking to them in theory at the beginning or end of the day.

3. Have them put a penny in a jar every time they don’t tell the ‘whole’ truth
-Let your kids feel just how important this principle is by removing something of value to them, even if it’s just a ‘little white lie’. If it’s not money, perhaps it’s taking away a driving privileges, screen time, or favorite stuffed animal (depending upon age of child).

4. Set a good example before them
-I’ll go ahead and tell you right now, the key to teaching our kids to walk in truth is to live it out instead of just telling them to do it! The most important step we can take in living out God’s Word is to first read the Bible everyday and then actually apply it to our lives. If you want some practical help on how I do that in my daily walk, you can read some of my devotionals.

How do you instill the value of truth in your children on a day to day basis?

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  1. These are great ideas. I think the one that makes the most impact across the board – leading by example. That is so important and it has driven a lot of decisions in our home about traditions. Thanks Sami and Amanda!

  2. I love this! I love the idea of putting $$ away when the child tells a little white lie. I wonder if the reverse can be done…. tell the whole truth — even if it is painful to state it — and get a penny back. Recently my son told a little white lie, and he finally confessed that it was a lie later, and even apologized. I loved that he was honest enough to actually come to me and tell me this.

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