Top Ten {Tuesday} – 10 Moments to Remember from Apologia Live Retreat for Moms

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I had the opportunity to attend Apologia Live in Atlanta on April 23-24.  Apologia Live is a retreat for moms, those who homeschool and those who don’t homeschool.  I really don’t know how to even begin to share the experience with you, but here goes…

10 moments to remember from Apologia Live:

1.  The Nut & Bolts sessions were a nice kick-off to the event.  This was an optional workshop that was available in addition to the regular retreat.  The wisdom of the speakers on the philosophy of homeschooling and their every day tips was incredible.

2.  There are lots of homeschool grads and currently homeschooled kids roaming around serving at the retreat.  It was neat that they were available to us and willing to answer questions about homeschooling.

3.  There were extended times of prayer at the end of each day.  These were undoubtedly some of the best times of the whole weekend.  Various Apologia leaders walked the room and prayed over each of us.  Powerful.

4.  Pam Tebow was the special guest for the Atlanta event.  Scripture oozed out of her.  Seriously.  Every other sentence out of her mouth was scripture from memory.  Inspiring.

Me with Pam Tebow

Photo Credit: Michelle Eichorn from Apologia

5.  The theme song from this year’s retreat is still running through my head.  Celebrate the Journey.  Want to hear it?  You can get instructions for downloading it from Apologia’s website.

6.  So many wonderful homeschooling books were spread out before us at the resource tables.  It was a great opportunity to touch and flip through homeschooling helps and curriculum published by Apologia.  Apologia is so much more than just science!

7.  Beautifully wrapped packages sat in a basket in the middle of each table.  Through the day, resources were highlighted  and someone at each table received a copy.  Every mom went home with a book published by Apologia.  I brought home Debra Bell’s The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling.

8.  Each session was so encouraging.  Sure there was talk about homeschooling, but it was so much more than that.  It was more about refreshment and a heart check for moms.  I can’t fit all the encouragement into one post, so starting tomorrow I’ll be sharing a little something from Apologia Live each weekday until I’ve shared from each session.  Rebecca from Mom’s Mustard Seeds put together a collection of the tweets from the weekend that you can see read through too.

9.  An announcement was made regarding future Apologia Live events – They will now be called Real Refreshment Retreats and information will be coming on how you can bring a retreat to your area.

10.  The best part of the weekend for me?  Hanging with some moms who I consider to be some of my best friends!  My roommate Kelli from Life in a Barn and I had never met and now I feel like I’ve known her forever.  She was so sweet and dropped me off at the airport on her way home, instead of me taking the airport shuttle, so I could hang around for a little longer chatting.

My roommate Kelli and I enjoying the Nuts & Bolts Sessions

Photo Credit: Kelli’s Instagram

If you have the chance to attend a Real Refreshment Retreat next year… do it!

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

{Material Disclosure: I received a ticket to Apologia Live in exchange for a review of the event.}


  1. Rebecca says:

    Amanda, this was such a special weekend!  It was great spending time with all of you….I heart Kelli, too…both of them…and many more.  I wish we were all closer….but, what a blessing God gave us through Apologia Live!  Love your list!

  2. It was an amazing experience – as much as I loved what Apologia put together (awesome) it was you girls who are now IRL encouraging besties! I love the hearts of each of our lil group – REAL women! I’m so excited to have introduced Kelli into the fold too because she is one of the most genuine people – I’m fortunate to call each of you friend! God knew it was just what I needed! 

  3. Michelle says:

     I am so glad you ladies could attend–my first retreat, I was speechless–I was so called to look within myself, my parenting, my homeschooling. Loved how you all made the connections, esp. with TTD the weekend before. You are so right, scripture just flowed from Pam–it’s just part of who she is and her heart–she is simply amazing. 

    • Michelle, speechless is right.  I think that’s why it took me over a week to process things before I could even begin to write about the event.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend.  Love you and everyone at Apologia!

  4. This is a great top ten.  Cannot wait to here your other posts on the subject.  Everytime I see a post on that weekend, I love reading it, part of me relives it in my mind as I read.  The encouragement from that weekend from so many different people and meeting each and every one of you ladies, it was quite a weekend to remember.  One that I will never forget.  Glad you posted the lyrics to, “The Song”, I couldn’t remember all of them and have wanted to teach the whole song to the kids. 

    Amanda, loved every minute I spent with you.  It was like meeting an old friend, I felt instantly connected to you. Miss you immensely. 


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