Warrior Prayers

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I’ve been following Brooke’s blog for a while now, but I haven’t read her book yet.  Last week, she released a second edition of Warrior Prayers and offered it for free for one day only to those who’d help her promote it via Facebook and Twitter.  I jumped at the chance to get a free book, especially a free copy of a book that I’ve been wanting to read.

I started to read it and then decided that it would be way more fun and powerful if I gathered some friends who are moms of boys to read it with me like Brooke suggests.

The timing to read this book is perfect for me because Jonathan especially needs prayer right now.  Josh and I have noticed that Jonathan has been struggling to obey and make good choices since he made his decision to follow Christ on April 29.  After many conversations with him, we believe that he is being attacked spiritually.

Here are the details…

  • I’d like to start next Sunday, May 15.  That will give time for a few moms to join in.
  • Buy the book.  The book is cheap – it won’t break the bank at only $5.95.  You can get it as a PDF e-book from Brooke’s website or for Kindle through Amazon.
  • Leave a comment here on this post to let me know that you want to join in on this 21 day challenge.
  • Invite a friend who is a mom of boys to join us too!
  • Subscribe to my blog by email or RSS.  The links are over on the left side of the blog.  I’ll put up a post each morning of the challenge with some of my thoughts about the days reading, prayers, and study guided questions.  Then you can comment on the post for the day with your thoughts.
  • Want to “lead” the discussion one day?  Let me know!

Not convinced this is for you?  Watch this short video about the book and why you should pray scripture over your boys:

Will you join me in praying for our boys?

(I did receive a free book from Brooke for tweeting about the revised 2nd edition of Warrior Prayers, but I was not asked to write anything on my blog or to host a group.  I did that on my own.)


  1. Debi Duvall says:

    I’m in for the 21 day challenge :)

  2. I am in. I got the book last week too.

  3. Thanks for joining us!

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