Watching Maturity and Responsibility Appear

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This past weekend, my big boy turned 5.  I took this picture 2 days prior to Jonathan’s birthday as we were getting ready for Grandma and Grandpa’s arrival.  We blew up the air mattress and put the sheet on.  I tossed the pillows and blankets on the bed and let the boys play.  After that I had to go do other things around the house.

A bit later, Jonathan called me to come to the office/schoolroom, but I was in the middle of mixing bread dough.  He kept calling, but I just couldn’t go.  He understood and closed the door to preserve his project.

Forgetting about all that, I later went to the office and found the door closed.  I opened the door to find that my not-quite-5-year-old had been quite busy preparing for the grandparents.  I found the bed completely made and ready for their arrival.

Jonathan was so proud of himself.  I asked why he made the bed and the answer went something like this…  “I just thought of it in my mind and decided to do it.  Look I spread both blankets out and put the pillows over there.  Look, it’s just like you do on your bed Mommy.”

My heart melted.  A glimpse of maturity and responsibility blossomed right in front of me.

And then Jacob learned a new trick this week:

I found Mr. Jacob in his bed with his PJs unzipped.  He thought he was so cool for unzipping his own PJs.  Look at that smile.

My boys.  Growing up so quickly.

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  1. Aimeesland says:

    How sweet!!!

  2. Too cute, I love your photos!!!  I love how you appreciate each stage of your children’s lives.  I wish I had started a blog to chronicle my girls’ early lives!

  3. Sweet… I think little boys are just a mother’s joy, Amanda.  Congrats on being the mom of a five year old.  Five seemed like such a milestone for both of my children – lots of new things they can do with and for you.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Se sweet!!

  5. Sarah Sanchez says:

    What a great moment to remember!  Gotta love the initiative to do helpful things…
    My little one won’t leave her jammies on…first the zipper, then the jammies, then off comes the diaper..
    Thanks for sharing!

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