3 in 30 Check-in ~ November 11

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3in30 Challenge

Time for a 3 in 30 check-in.  Week 2 of November.  Details of my goals are back in this post.

  1. Reclaim my mornings – The time change made things really weird around here for a few days.  Little boys up way to early and a mommy not wanting to get out from under the warm blankets.  My mornings have been spent snuggling and cuddling little boys.  But, I’m ok with that.  I’ve been awake most morning by 6:30am, but not necessarily up.
  2. Reading – I finished reading Season’s of a Mother’s Heart last week.  I’m still on track with all my other weekly reading.  I posted my review of Up, Down, or Sideways which was one of my reading goal books from last month.
    {See my full Fall reading list for book details.}
  3. Finish blog logo – My friend Dee is working on translating my drawings to the computer.  Hoping to start revealing the new look soon!


  1. id consider your first goal has turned into something beautiful and wonderful – I love snuggling and cuddling my little boy :)  this time will all too soon be gone – make the most of it while you can :) 


  2. sounds like a great week to me!

  3. Great Job!

  4. Good job this week! I think the time change messed with everyone. Hopefully the adjustment back to “normal” will come quickly!

  5. What awesome goals!  The time change has affected everybody at our house, too.  LOTS of early risers this week.  I have yet to start Seasons of a Mother’s Heart – it’s on my list, too.  And HOW FUN to see your drawings come to life – what a great project!!!

  6. Great week excellent progress!  I was given the versatile blogger award and I am now passing it onto you here are the details on how to participate – http://www.kathysclutteredmind.com/2011/11/versatile-blogger-award.html

  7. love the boy snuggles in the morning! it’s a “thang” around here too!!! can’t wait to see the new look – doing great with your goals my friend! did you get my email? it’s kellidparker@yahoo.com  I tried to send it but we’ve been camping so I wanted to make sure it got to you- have a beautiful week! 

  8. Enjoy every snuggle while you can!  Good week for you, I’d say.

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