5 Days of Organizing Your Homeschool Supplies: Baggies and Page Protectors

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It’s back to school time! Is your house being overrun by all those school supplies and books? Join me all this week for 5 Days of Organizing Homeschool Supplies.

Today let’s tackle tiny things! Puzzle pieces. Lapbook supplies. Toddler games. And more!


We use baggies for a lot of things in our school room. All of the printable toddler/preschool games – matching cards, sorting games, and sequencing things – those all go into baggies and are kept in an open bin. I pull out a few at a time to go with whatever we’re studying.

With the exception of our big floor puzzles, I do not keep puzzles in boxes. They take up so much space! I cut the completed image off the box and put it with the pieces in a baggie. They are all kept in standing up in a plastic bin.

Tip: If you want your kids to be able to be self-sufficient with whatever is in the baggie, use the kind with the sliding zipper.

Page Protectors

Page protectors are great for storing paper, obviously. I made a tot school book for Jacob using a binder and page protectors. I use an additional page protector at the back of each letter grouping to keep the lacing cards and puzzles with the letter that they belong.

I also use page protectors to group together cut pieces for projects. This is especially helpful for lapbooking. I do most of the cutting for our lapbooking, so I usually do a bunch of preparation all at once. Page protectors make it easy to store the pieces for a folder together and see what’s inside.

Tip: If you’re using page protectors for dry erase purposes, make sure that you buy the glossy/smooth ones.

How do you use baggies and page protectors for your homeschool supplies? Share in the comments! Leave us a link and show us some pics!

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  1. Heather Bowen says:

    I love the puzzle idea! :) We use baggies for quite a bit in our homeschool organization, but had not considered it for puzzles. Thanks so much for this post!

  2. I love baggies, they make my life easier in so many ways! It is worth clipping coupons for them and using the coupon when they are on sale. Most of the time, I pay no more than 75 cents for a box!

  3. We use baggies for flash cards.Using abeka you have lots of them!

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