7 Tools Book Club: 10 Contributors and Supporters

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7 Tools Book Club

There’s no way that I could pull off a book club of this scale alone. No way. I have help from some amazing friends. Take a look at 10 contributors and supporters to whom I owe many, many, many thanks!

8 Book Club Contributors:

Believing in 1 Photobucket Welcome to Our Good Life

Feels like home Mom's Mustard Seed 

 Jennifer A. Janes Button

1 Amazing Homeschooling Company (and their employees including Michelle, Liz, Kyle, and others):

Apologia Logo

 and 1 sweet mom, homeschooling advocate, author, editor, and encourager (Zan Tyler):


Me with Zan Tyler at Apologia Live

Photo courtesy of Michelle Eichorn at Apologa.

Please visit this wonderful contributors and supporters. Show them your thanks for making the 7 Tools book club come together!


  1. MomsMustardSeeds says:

    I am so excited about this book club! I love how I know it will grow me and minister to other Moms!! Thanks, Zan for pushing forward, facing hard battles, but most of all for trusting in God and discipling so many in His name!

  2. Michelle says:

    A huge thank you from Apologia for ALL the hard work you have put into this book club. We are excited to see how the Lord has brought you together with the parents in the groups–we are just starting chapter 1 and already the encouragement and change everyone is experiencing is truly God’s handiwork. And a thank you to the contributors for serving Him in this way. God bless you all as He leads us and our children through His perfect plan for their lives–may our hearts be open to the tools He lays before us!

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