7 Tools Book Club Kick-off

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7 Tools Book Club

Welcome to the 7 Tools Book Club! Today is our official kick-off! Are you ready? All of the details are in these two posts:

You’ll find the full reading schedule near the beginning of the 7 Tools Book Club Guide / Journal, which is my free gift for 7 Tools Book Club newsletter subscribers. If you need help, contact me.

Don’t feel confined by this reading schedule. It’s there to help you be accountable if you choose, but don’t feel bad if you get behind. The posts will be here to go back to and the link ups will remain open throughout the book club. Feel free to read ahead too. Don’t let the schedule hold you back if you want to keep reading.

he questions in the free guide are there to help you think about and begin to apply the tools that Zan offers to you.

Today, I first want to bring your a little surprise from Zan Tyler:


Can’t see the video in your email or RSS reader?

I’ve talked with Zan a few times and she’s quite excited that we’re going through this book together.

Here’s your reading assignment for this week: Introduction and Appendix.

I’ve tacked on the Appendix here in this first week because I feel like it really helps to know Zan’s homeschooling story as you read the book.

On Monday, July 16, I’ll be sharing from this reading assignment. You’ll have an opportunity to share in the comments and link up your own blog posts. Throughout the week, you can discuss this section in the 7 Tools Book Club Facebook Group. If you want to chat on Twitter, let’s use the hashtag #7Tools.

Finally, let’s get to know each other! Link up the about page or an I’m participating in the book club type post, your Facebook profile or page, and/or your Twitter page.


  1. Laura B. says:

    Hi Amanda, is there a script for Zan Tyler’s video? Since I am Deaf, I am not able to follow her (any video you post does not have a caption option). I would love to know what was said on the video either by providing a script or caption on the video. So excited about this book!

  2. Hi, Amanda! I’m looking forward to this. I did get “There was an error encoutered while loading the video” message while trying to view the Welcome/Kcik Off video. Do you know any way around this? Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Amanda! I am very excited about the book club! I started reading last night! :) It has actually inspired me to start back blogging. I blogged a couple of years ago, but then decided to stop. I started a new one yesterday with a new name to later realize the reason I was drawn to the name is because there was another website named that. LOL. I decided to change it due to the fact that after a while I may try to do more with it, etc. Not sure just yet. I had already linked my blog to yours. How do I delete the first one? Or do you do that???? It’s #41 I think…. If I am to do it, could you tell me how? Thanks so much!


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