7 Tools Book Club: Purpose

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7 Tools Book Club

We’re jumping into the discussion of 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential by Zan Tyler. The 7 Tools Book Club is always open for anyone who wants to join! Start here with all the details of the 7 Tools Book Club and then catch up on any of these posts you might have missed:

Chapter 4: Purpose

“In a sense, our children are like those maps: We must fold them the way they’re bent.” pg. 68

I love the visual that Zan shares in this chapter about trying to fold a map. Josh gets so frustrated with me when I just go folding away on a map with out folding it back the way it should be. In the same way, our kids need to be folded a certain way – and I’ve gone folding away at them without paying attention to their bent plenty of times too!

This is a great reminder:

“We must be willing to love and affirm our children as God created them, not as we wish He had created them.” pg. 79

Wow. Are you willing to love your kids not matter who they are or chose to do? Jump into the discussion in the comments and/or link up a post of your own on chapter 4.


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