Apologia Live: Loving, Laughing, and Learning Throughout the Journey with Rachael Carman

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I’m in the process of sharing quotes, tidbits, and reflections from the various sessions at the Apologia Live Retreat which I had the opportunity to attend recently.  Start here to read about my over all experience at the Apologia Live Retreat and head over to this post to read reflections from other sessions.

Loving, Laughing, and Learning Throughout the Journey with Rachael Carman

  1. Love God = Worship
  2. Love Your Husband = Respect
  3. Love Your Children = Discipline
  4. Love Siblings = Blessing
  5. Love Extended Family = Honor
  6. Love Your  Neighbor = Hospitality

Rachael encouraged us to love, then laugh, then be concerned about learning.  The academics will come if you place a high priority on the loving and the laughing.

What I love most about this talk from Rachael was how their family quotes movie lines.  I’ve mentioned before that Josh grew up in a family where movies are a really big deal and that has come into our family too.  In Josh’s family, movie lines come out at seemingly random yet some how appropriate times.  Now that happens in our home.  It’s about laughing and enjoying ourselves, no matter what the situation.

Does your family quote movie lines?



  1. Ok, this made me laugh.  My family quotes lines…me – I’m usually asleep before the first good line of a movie is made …we have movie night on Friday night and I’m usually so tired, I never make it…so, Saturday as quotes are flying…I’m giggling.

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