Book Review: The Resignation of Eve

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The Resignation of Eve by Jim Henderson

Warning:  No matter what side of the gender equality issue you find yourself, I pray that you will read this review with an open mind.  I reserve the right to delete any comments that do not treat others with respect or are personally attacking.

Here’s author Jim Henderson to tell you a little more about the content of The Resignation of Eve:

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Why does Jim think you should read The Resignation of Eve?

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Jim pairs surveys results and with stories to share the many sides of the struggle between seeing women as equals with men versus women as a complement to men.  As a seminary grad and former church communications director, I’ve done some study and personally experienced the issue that Jim presents.  Being a former church employee (not a pastor), I could personally understand both sides of the issue.  I could relate to the stories – on both sides.

The point of the book is not to come to a conclusion.  That usually bothers me in a book.  I want a nice neat package, finished off with a bow.  The lack of a conclusion didn’t bother me when reading The Resignation of Eve.  It probably helped that Jim was clear that a final conclusion was not his purpose.  The role of woman in the church is such a complex issue and such a heated topic.  It’s time that we lay down the hostility and anger over this issue and start listening with open hearts and minds.

I still haven’t come to my own conclusion.  I believe in traditional roles of women in the home and have even chosen to homeschool my own children.  I also believe in submission to my husband and the ways that I complement him.  At the same time, I believe in equality of gifts – I, myself, have strong spiritual gifts of teaching and leadership along with administration.  So, if I believe in equality of gifts, I feel that I must believe in equality opportunity for God to use the gifts and the gifted, regardless of gender, in whatever way He chooses.  My husband and I operate with a lot equality in our home and marriage as well.  This is one of those places where I just deal with the tension.  I keep quiet at some times to not cause a stir, but I push the envelope at other times.

Thank you Jim for presenting the issue in a non-threatening way!

The Resignation of Eve Website

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  1. Dianna Auton says:

    Hmmm interesting. I may have to read this. I believe very similarly to you. I think you put it into words better than I could have. :) 

  2. Amanda – Thanks for the review. I am one of the women in the book. You said “It’s time that we lay down the hostility and anger over this issue and start listening with open hearts and minds.” Exactly. I don’t struggle with these issues at home or in my profession (which is also traditionally a “man’s world”.) Here’s the funny thing: since the interview on which “my” chapter is based, I have come to a new place spiritually and emotionally where I no longer rely on my “role” or my performance (both as a women and as a person without concern for the gender) for my “validation.” In Christ there is no race, no gender, no socio-economic strata. Of course we still have racial ethnicity, gender differences (praise God) and all manner of variations within our own cultures! But in Christ… IN CHRIST…. I don’t need any of that to define me any more. My indentity in Christ and identification with Him in crucifixion and resurrection is all.
    thanks again. Let the conversation begin!

  3. Jim Henderson says:

    Thank you for being open hearted toward my findings. Very kind of you

  4. Jim Henderson says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful review of my book.  I would like to invite you and your readers to our upcoming free – Resignation of Eve Cloud Conference on Feb. 27 @8pm EST – you only need a telephone to join the call and have a chance to participate in a conversation with myself and the women of “Resignation of Eve.”  David Kinnaman, President and author of the Barna Group will also be on this call to talk about his latest research on women and the church. – Hope you are able to join us. Thanks, Jim Henderson 

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