How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for Your Kids ~ Chapter 4

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This past week in the HEART Book Club, we’ve been reading the introduction of How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids.  It’s not too late to join us.  You can still sign up for the email newsletter and get the printable journal, join the Facebook group, and chat on Twitter using #HEART4YourKids.  Feel free to read ahead and don’t feel bad if you get behind the schedule.  Read at your pace!  I’d also recommend signing up for my regular daily email to get all my blog posts sent directly to your inbox or adding my RSS feed to your favorite feed reader so you don’t miss a post about the HEART Book Club.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Chapter 4:

  • Samuel was merely on loan from the moment of his conception.  Hannah knew what her son was called to do, and she gladly took on the role of preparing him for that purpose, training him for work in the temple as Eli’s assistant. pg. 122
  • These kids we refer to as ours are not ours. pg. 122
  • We must recognize our children’s highest calling is to glorify the one true God and enjoy Him forever. pg. 123
  • Your kids were meant to change the world. pg. 126
  • Release them to God.  They are His, and He will take great care of them.  pg. 148

I love this chapter.  I might even dare to say it was my favorite.  I love the story of Hannah and the answer to her prayer for a child.  I’ve walked that road, prayed, and waited.  I’ve seen both of my boys as miracles straight from God because I have PCOD and dealt with infertility.  I’ve always seen my role as being the one to prepare and direct them towards doing something great for God.

What I love about this chapter are the specific ways that Rachael shares for playing our role in the lives of our kids.  I have to ask my kids questions to draw out their gifts and desires.I have to focus on character training and teaching Truth.  I have to be a good example for my boys and pray that Jesus is real to them.

One of the secondary reasons that we chose to homeschool was so we could focus on developing strengths in our boys rather than focusing on weaknesses.  I don’t want my kids spending the bulk of their time trying to bring up weaknesses that a person who has never met my child determines by a standardized test.  I want them to have the freedom to explore and discover their interests and passions.  I certainly expect them to be proficient in the three R’s, but after that, they need to spend their time building the skills for what they are good at and enjoy and for whatever path God calls them to.

Ready?  It’s your turn!  What stood out to you in this chapter?  What are you doing to release your kids to God?  Share your thoughts, insights, and answers to any questions from the end of the chapter.  Leave a comment and/or join the link up.


  1. Rachael Carman says:

    Well done-so good that God is working in the hearts of so many moms!

  2. Liz Corson says:

    I love the idea of being able to work on their strengths instead of constantly being confronted with their weaknesses. I had never thought about this until one of the speakers mentioned it at an Apologia Live Retreat.  It seems silly to me now that it’s been brought to my attention that we spend so much time on this in our schools. =)

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