Kids in the Word Review and Giveaway: Child Training Bible

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I opened my goodie bag of swag at the 2:1 Conference to find a wonderful surprise: a Child Training Bible pack! Jonathan was snagging everything from me as I pulled it out of the bag and was intrigued by the product. Sadly, we had to wait until after the conference and our vacation before we could put it together and use it.

Child Training Bible

The Child Training Bible package contains:

  • 1 Child Training Bible Key
  • 3 Scripture Tabbing Charts (double-sided)
  • Set of Instructions

To this, you add:

  • A Bible
  • Sticky flags
  • Colored highlighters or pencils

We used a Bible that was Josh’s and colored pencils. Jonathan thought it was pretty cool that he was getting Daddy’s big Bible.

Take a look at this video telling a little more about the Child Training Bible and how to put it together:


Jonathan helped me with the first few flags and then, well, his 5 year old attention span wandered and I spent the next couple hours finishing up the project on my own. Yes, I did say a couple of hours – plan to spend a while putting your Child Training Bible together. While that may seem frustrating to you at first, it’s actually a good thing – you’re immersing yourself in the Word as you assemble the Child Training Bible.

Child Training Bible

I handed the completed Bible to Jonathan and he was so excited. He likes to flip through and find the marked verses and read them to himself. He loves his new Bible so much that he sleeps with it. Yes, if I’m looking for it, it is probably in his bed.

We’ve had two major occasions to use the Child Training Bible:

  1. We had some minor issues with disobedience shortly after completing our Child Training Bible. We looked at the cards, found some verses on obedience, and talked about how and why we should obey.
  2. There are a could of slightly older boys in our neighborhood who have been found to be bullying recently. After a not so nice run in with these boys, we pulled out the Child Training Bible and looked at verses about wrong friendships and quarreling. It really made an impact on Jonathan and how he relates to these particular boys now.

I love how simple the Child Training Bible is and how Jonathan at only 5 years old can look at the colors and categories to find verses himself in the Bible. These are verses and lessons that will stick with him forever.

Want a Child Training Bible package? You can buy them for $9 on the Child Training Bible website. But, I also have one to giveaway to a lucky reader! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below by 11:59:59pm on June 12.

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What do you think of the Child Training Bible? How have you kept your kids in the Word this week? Share in the comments and link up blog posts related to Bible, character, and worldview activities, stories, etc with kids.




  1. My biggest struggle with teaching the Bible to my kids is that their ages are so different, I want to teach it to them, without making it too hard for the younger ones and not too easy for my oldest.

  2. Right now we are struggling to reach my son’s heart….we are fighting non-stop…this resource looks fantastic for applying God’s word to each of the situations that we’ve been running up against lately.

  3. Amy Maze says:

    Making it peak to their hears at their young ages.

  4. Leigh Ann Privett says:

    yeah – if I don’t win – I am going to buy this – sounds awesome!!!

  5. Carmen Patterson says:

    My biggest struggle is spanning the age difference of 3 to 17 to keep it relevant for each age… it can be too elementary for the bigs and then run too long and deep for the littles.

  6. My biggest struggle right now is constancy. We always start
    the week off great, but by the end we are struggling to stay in the word with
    our kids. It gets hectic and it falls to the way side. We also need a way to
    keep non-readers engaged while helping the new readers.

  7. Keeping their interest.

  8. Christina L says:

    it would be great to have a quick reference when needed for bible teaching so we don’t loose the teachable moment while I hunt up the right verses

  9. Stephanie H says:

    I have always had a terrible time remembering Scripture references, so I never know where to find a verse when I need it. This would be such a wonderful tool!

  10. Vicki S says:

    Being consistant and finding the references when needed. This would be a wonderful tool to help with finding that particular verse.

  11. ProverbialHomemaker says:


  12. Laura B. says:

    Finding a reference for a specific issue would make it so much easier when it comes to disciplining. The color tabs would make it very motivating for all of us to quickly find something.

  13. Linda Henderson says:

    This is awesome!! Would be great to use at Church as well. Thanks! Many Blessings, Linda

  14. I just got mine this past week – so excited to get it set up! yay!

  15. My biggest challenge is being able to find the verse/story I am looking for when I am in a big hurry! Often, you need that resource immediately instead of waiting for any length of time.

  16. Finding the ‘right’ thing – on the fly.

  17. Alycia A says:

    my biggest struggle is making the time to do it, and finding what i am looking for in that amount of time!

  18. Nanette says:

    Our biggest struggle is with “In the Moment” teachings…I would like to be more relevant and applicable by applying God’s word in the moments where it could most impact, and believe this Tool to be invaluable in assisting us with that!! :)

  19. Biggest struggle is finding the right verse to fit the situation.

  20. My biggest struggle will actually be in the fall when we send three of our children to school. We will need to find a time to still teach them the way we do now.

  21. I would love to win this! Thank you for the opportunity! God Bless! :-)

  22. Biggest struggle is to come up with the right verse, at the right time.

  23. Biggest struggle is finding the right verse at the right time and quickly!

  24. Mom2TwoVikings says:

    Knowing there’s a verse but nit knowing where to find it.

  25. Jennifer S says:

    biggest struggle is taking the time to stop and look for the appropriate verse and not just feel like I’m hitting her over the head with it, only when she makes a mistake, instead of teaching it all the time, in preparation.

  26. Finding ways to keep it relevant and interesting.

  27. Tonia Jeffery says:

    keeping their attention. they are only 18 month and 3

  28. The biggest struggle I have is consistency on my part. My daughter is 21 months, but I still want her to have a good foundation of God’s word.

  29. StaceyB says:

    I have 4 children and this is awesome! What a wonderful tool!

  30. StaceyB says:

    The biggest struggle is being consistent and following through when they disobey.

  31. Obedience & consistency are our struggles.

  32. Our biggest struggle right now in teaching the Bible to our kids would be in every day life, when they are not getting along, or are slacking in their responsibilities.

  33. moziesme says:

    Life application. She’s got the stories downpat and can even discuss theology on a level many adults cannot. It’s the day-to-day application that is a challenge.

  34. Sometimes I feel like my biggest struggle is answering some of her (hard) questions. 😉

  35. Amber A. says:

    I think right now at the age they are, the biggest struggle we have, is getting them to apply it in their everyday life.

  36. Communicating it to him is the biggest struggle (only 2) but I know that everyday I am laying a little piece of the foundation of his faith in the Lord.

  37. Becoming more familiar with how to look up and memorize verses.

  38. Amanda Sue says:

    The biggest struggle is trying to get her to remember!

  39. Jade Clark says:

    My biggest struggle is figuring out WHICH topic to tackle at the very moment I have time to sit and tackle it. Lol.

  40. How long did it take to put the whole thing together?

  41. Is this still available for purchase? The link is just a picture but I so badly want this!!!


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