Kids in the Word Wednesday – How to Make a Scripture Memory Box

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The Pelsers


Jonathan and I are still reading The Beginner’s Bible most days.  I want to jump back into more regular scripture memory and some friends convinced me to try the Simply Charlotte Mason memory box method.  I have everything set up now so we can resume first be reviewing our old verses.  Here’s what my finished 3×5 card box looks like:

If you want to try this method, the directions are all here at Simply Charlotte Mason.  You need dividers labeled daily, even, odd, Sunday through Saturday, and 1 through 31.  I didn’t want to buy dividers and I didn’t care for their printable, so I made my own printable dividers.  Want to make some for your family?  Here’s a step-by-step on how to do it.



Start by printing the dividers on card stock.  I used confetti card stock that I had sitting around.  You could use any color you want that is light enough to see the lines for cutting and the text on the tabs.  I purposely made the lines for cutting very light so they won’t be too noticeable on the divider after cutting if any of the line remains.

This is what the first full page of dividers looks like:

Next, cut out your dividers or prepare for laminating.  I chose to laminate mine first and cut afterwards.

I used my paper cutter for the straight sides and sharp scissors for the top of the divider (the tab side):

{Side note, I could really used a new paper cutter – heavy duty enough to handle our homeschool use and laminated card stock easily.  Got a favorite to recommend?  Leave a comment below!}

And here’s my completed divider:

Now, use your 3×5 cards for your memory verses.  We are going to be reviewing the Seeds Family Worship Vol. 1 verses that we worked on last fall.  I used their printable.  Their cards are sized too big for my box, so I cut them down and pasted them on 3×5 cards rather than spending the time rewriting or typing and printing my own cards.  Here’s a sample:

Ready to make your own box?  Grab this printable and get started!

A newer version of this FREE printable is available at Kids in the Word. Click here.

Have you used this system?  Any tips?  How have you kept your Kids in the Word this week? 

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  1. Christina says:

    Great idea! I’m going to read the Charlotte Mason link now. Thanks!

  2. You are so awesome!!!  I love the way you pulled this together so quickly!

  3. We like it because we are always reviewing which is the one thing I rarely did.    I am sure it isn’t foolproof but it was fun.   My boys enjoy taking turns leading the reading of the verses too.   

  4. This is AWESOME!  Thank you for linking up!!  I pinned this to our pinterest board.

    This is our second year homeschooling and we are just starting to get into memorization.

  5. Apparently I’ve come and checked out this post several times and never actually commented.  This is a great idea.

  6. We haven’t used this method…but our way of Bible memorizing, was not working. Thanks for the link to the printable verses…saves me from writing them all out. =)

  7. Haylee Marshall says:

    Ah, thank you!!! I didn’t care for their printable either and I’m really trying to simplify and not recreate the wheel every time I don’t like what is already ready and available. So glad Google pulled up your site within the first page of hits so I could find your beautiful printable. Thank you, thank you, for putting the time into this. I love it.


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