Reflections from Apologia Live

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I shared yesterday that I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Apologia Live Retreat in Atlanta.  One post just cannot contain the wisdom and encouragement that was given out at the retreat. So over the new couple weeks, I’ll be sharing quotes, tidbits, and reflections from the various sessions.

Reflections from Apologia Live

I’ll be adding new posts to this list as they are available:

  1. How Children Learn with Debra Bell
  2. Homeschooling in the Elementary Years with Zan Tyler
  3. Notebooking with Jeannie Fulbright
  4. Discipleship with Rachael Carman
  5. Loving, Laughing, and Learning Throughout the Journey with Rachael Carman
  6. Memorizing Scripture with Pam Tebow
  7. Loving God with All Your Mind with Debra Bell
  8. How to Ask for Forgiveness with Elizabeth Smith
  9. Your Marriage with Jeannie Fulbright … Coming Soon.
  10. Your Child’s Potential with Zan Tyler … Coming Soon.

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